Katie McGinnis is the brainchild behind Evidence Jewelry; a metal smith jewelry designer, with a unique style of design and method. Evidence Jewelry is inspired by past cultures, stories and moments in time.  Katie's interest in anthropology , archaeology, fine art and fashion all have come to a collision to bring fourth her vision.


Believing what we wear speaks louder than words can to describe our true self. Clothing trends come and go but people have a stronger draw and connection to jewelry; it can play the part of a good luck charm, a connection to someone in our past, a symbol of being dedicated to a person or organization. With this concept in mind that what we wear on a daily basis, tells the world around us how we feel about ourselves, what we have to say, and ultimately who we are // Evidence is designed to add a personal edge to even the most basic jeans and tee. 


Each collection is hand crafted, in order that what the world may view as 'flaws', is instead seen as something with a truly beautiful story // Each piece has a specific individuality.  Designed to transcend time, by reflecting and combining the art of past cultures and societies. 

Evidence Jewelry is a celebration between organic and man made materials; the beauty of what becomes when they are combined.